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In addtion to calculating all of the time card data ShopClock has addtional features like:

  • Daily and weekly subtotals on the on screen time card grid,
  • Call lights (on each session note) which can be turned on by the employees to alert the administrator to problems
  • A new status bar located above the Add/Edit/Select Employee grid which shows the status of Time-Off Requests, Clock out issues, and Call lights.
  • The seconds part of the hour, minute seconds displayed on the Time In and Time Out columns can now be dropped.
  • A Company Bulletin which employees see when they open their time cards
  • The Phrases used on key dialogs that can be customized for English challenged employees
  • A new calendar report has been added which shows everyone with any kind of scheduled time off for every day in the selected range.
  • And 8 different “skins” (one of which can be customized) and the colors used to decorate the grids can be customized.

ShopClock4 is very easy to setup and run, and is perfect for organizations that don’t pay department or shift differentials. In fact, departments are optional and don’t even need to be used. If the Departments Option is used each employee can be assigned to a department. The Reports can then be run for a particular department, holiday hours can be assigned by department, and when approving time off requests the time previously scheduled for that day can be displayed for all employees or only members of current employees department. ShopClock4 uses the same payroll items (Regular Hours, Overtime Hours, Vacation Hours, Sick Hours, etc) for all departments.

ShopClock-Plus tracks time worked by department and shift. Each department can have up to three shifts. Each shift in each department can be given a unique “Payroll Item” or general ledger account number. Overtime and regular hours are assigned to the appropriate accounts. Because ShopClock-plus knows when the shifts begin and end there are more time clock options such as “SnapTo”, “Rounding”, “Supervisor - Time Card Approval”, and “Grace Periods”. Because the companies using ShopClock-Plus tend to be larger than those use ShopClock, ShopClock-Plus has features like “multiple password protected supervisor accounts”, and a complete audit trail.