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Network Capabilities

  Applies to both ShopClock and ShopClockPlus The ShopClock database server can be located on your computer or in the Microsoft Cloud. When located in the cloud all you need is an internet connection to connect to your database. When located on your server any computer on your local area network will be able to connect to the database, but computers in remote locations will need a special VPN connection

The ShopClock Server Can be Accessed From Anywhere on the Local Area Network.

Setup the ShopClock Server first, then just download and install ShopClock on each of the computers you want to use it on.

When ShopClock is started for the first time it will search for (and usually connect to the server all by itself).If it doesn't check out the Technical Support section or call us for help.it's

If you want to use ShopClock from locations not on the same local area network as it's database we can host your database in the cloud.

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