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The ShopClock Window

This applies to ShopClock and ShopClockPlus This is the window used by employees to access their time cards. After the time card has been opened, the employee can read/analyze/print the time card, request time off, alert the administrator to time card issues.

The ShopClock is the Dashboard of the Employee's Time Card Calculator


The ShopClock Window

The Number 1, The company bulletin This region displays the company bulletin, which  can be changed by the administrator  on the Task 7 Miscellaneous Lunch and Break Settings of the Admin window.

The Number 2 This region lists the employees who can use the time card calculator. This list can be configured to includie:

  • All active employees
  • Only a particular employee.
  • All employees belonging to a particular department.
  • All employees belonging to a particular group.

The Number 3 The time card is displayed in this area after the employee has clicked on their name and entered their password of touched the finger print scanner.

The Number 4 These buttons are enabled after the employees time card is displayed. To prevent employees from clocking in and out at the same time, the ShopClock button is disabled (until the time card is redisplayed) after the first click.

  • Clicking on the ShopClock button clocks the employee in/out
  • Clicking on the Calendar button brings up the time off request window
  • Clicking on the Printer button prints out the time card.

The number 5 These buttons are always enabled. The silver padlock puts ShopClock in the Edit mode. the gold padlock opens up the Admin window. Both buttons are password protected.

The Number 6 The Admin window provides several ways to customize the ShopClock window. These settings are only applied to the copy of ShopClock on the current computer and to not have any effect on the settings used by the administrator in  the admin window.

Open Admin Window does the same thing as clicking on the gold padlock

Display Hours as configures ShopClock to display hours as

  • Hours Minutes and Seconds (hh:mm:ss)
  • Hours and Minutes (hh:mm)
  • Decimal Hours (HH.hh)

The value of the time worked is not changed just the way it is displayed

Daily and Weekly subtotals can be turned on off. When on ShopClock runs a little slower, but the time cards are easier to understand.

Employee Button Size: There are three choices. the largest is best when you are using a touch screen, the smallest allows more employees to be seen without scrolling or filtering.

Employee Name format allows the employees to by listed by Last name, First name or by First name, Last name

Select Display Fonts allows the type and size of the fonts used on the screen to be changed. Both title and body fonts can be changed.

Select Report Fonts allows the type and size of the fonts used on the screen to be changed. Both title and body fonts can be changed.

Turn Balloon Help off or on.

Enroll employee finger prints allows employees  to enroll their finger prints so that they can use a finger print scanner to confirm identity.

Set Employee Password allows employees to change their passwords.


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